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ImpactWolf is a strategic partner for organizations that host virtual events. We take the weight of event production off their shoulders while ensuring that every event we produce runs without a hitch and achieves its objectives.

All your events can run smoothly and deliver valuable results.

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Objective-driven event production

Is there something specific you want to achieve with your next virtual event? Whether it's communicating the value of your product or having a discussion to generate new ideas, we can help. First, we work with you to clearly define your event objectives. Then, we offer a range of solutions and tools necessary for achieving them. Learn more

Our event production services


Event format & solutions

  • We clearly define your virtual event objectives and select solutions that match your resources.
  • Based on the event format, we create its optimal structure - a sequence of presentations, engagement activities, and Q&As.
  • We develop an engagement strategy that is grounded in three principles: connect early, engage often, and make it easy to participate.


Platform set-up & event registration

  • We perform a complete setup of your virtual event platform. We also have experience with niche third-party solutions that can take your event to the next level, including Slido, Mentimeter, Restream & OBS.
  • Once the platform is set up, we create a branded registration form, so you can start collecting event registrations and data about your audience.


Rehearsals & production team

  • We tailor event production to your needs and join forces with your team. Led by the senior producer our production team provides quick turnaround on any updates.
  • Depending on the complexity of the event, we recommend scheduling at least one internal event rehearsal and one rehearsal with speakers, moderators, and interpreters.


Run of Show

  • Run of Show is the backbone of any successful virtual event. Built based on your event agenda, it includes a minute-by-minute script with all event elements and hosting tasks.
  • Knowing what could go wrong, we develop a response plan to manage possible contingencies and troubleshoot unnoticeably for the event participants.


Technical hosting

  • On the event day, we prepare the platform environment and do a technical check with moderators and speakers well in advance of the start time. If the event has interpreters, we onboard them before the rest of the hosting team.
  • Our producers also manage sharing of the hosting content (slides, video, audio) and deliver event recordings (local, cloud, and via OBS).
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Our process

Step 1. Project kick-off
We meet to discuss event objectives, identify technical solutions and review the agenda. After that, we distribute tasks among the production team.
Step 2. Platform review & setup
We review your event platform and complete its setup for the given event. We also set up selected third-party solutions and tools.
Step 3. Run of Show development
Our producers develop a comprehensive Run of Show for your event. We leave no stone unturned and map the hosting process in every detail.
Step 4. Rehearsals
At the internal rehearsal, we align over the Run of Show. At the rehearsal with speakers and moderators, we do technical checks with each presenter.
Step 5. Event day
Our producers arrive in advance to set up the event environment. We seamlessly execute technical hosting and provide support to everyone who is on the platform.
Step 6. Event debrief
After the event, we meet with the event organizers for a debrief. We do the performance review to evaluate the success of the event in achieving its objectives.

Our Clients

ImpactWolf produces virtual events for businesses and nonprofits worldwide. We work with organizations from different fields and have already produced
More than 30 events for 7 clients in 6 countries.

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