We are committed to impact and excellence in virtual events

We believe that every virtual event can have a multifaceted impact and deliver valuable results for all parties involved. Working on each event, we focus on its unique set of objectives, while creating a seamless hosting experience for event organizers, sponsors, speakers, and participants.

Our story

ImpactWolf is a virtual events production company on a mission to help organizations worldwide to host smooth events that bring results.
In the early 2010s, I attended my first webinar and was immediately captivated by the power of bringing events online. Over the following years, I saw the dire need for professional production. So many virtual events with great potential were falling short due to multiple issues, and this problem persists today. In 2020, after seven years of working in different positions in the events industry, I founded ImpactWolf. We provide full-cycle virtual event production services driven by event objectives and focused on unique clients' needs.

Ira Tretiakova, Founder & Head of Production at ImpactWolf


For each event, we create an engagement strategy that fosters meaningful interpersonal connections. We also use tools that allow participants to engage with the content.


Every virtual event seeks to deliver information, supported by presentations with visual aids or not. We design optimal event structures to ensure successful content delivery.


Our task is not only to make sure the event runs smoothly. Following our objective-driven production method, we ensure that every event has an impact on all parties involved.

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